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How to Solve - Error executing script RunApp: _GrailsClasspath_groovy$_run_closure1
Error executing script RunApp: _GrailsClasspath_groovy$_run_closure1 (Use --stacktrace to see the full trace)
Error executing script Clean: _GrailsClasspath_groovy$_run_closure1 (Use --stacktrace to see the full trace)

If you are getting any of the above errors in Grails then that means the scriptCache folder under your project in '.grails' folder has been corrupted. There is a 2-step fix for this issue -
  • STEP-1 Delete 'scriptCache' folder in the location
        where -
        HOME_PATH - is the home folder of your user.
            (In windows - this folder usually starts with your windows username)
        GRAILS_VERSION - is your grails version e.g. 2.3.7
        PROJECT_NAME - is the app name for your grails project
  • STEP-2. Go the root folder of your project and run 'grails clean' & 'grails compile'.