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Java Brahman is an attempt to explore & apply Java knowledge across a variety of platforms & paradigms.

My long term vision for JavaBrahman is to take it forward to evolve into a front-runner in bringing you the latest in programming world. Starting with basic computing principles, I want to discuss not just the tips & tricks of day-to-day-programming, but also algorithms (new & evolving ones), understanding the latest frameworks, upcoming languages and the entire technology spectrum.

I believe that my 18 years of experience in technology where I grew from a programmer to an architect will enable me to fine-tune the articles on this website to make them relevant, useful and informative.

About Me

 Dhruv Rai Puri
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  • Name: Dhruv Rai Puri
  • Email: dhruvraipuri@javabrahman.com
  • Job: Professional Blogger, Open Source Contributor, Trainer(Classroom & Online), Consultant Technology Architect
  • Total experience & role: 18 years, Freelance Cloud Consultant/Developer/Architect
  • Based out of: Bangalore, India
  • Areas of Interests: Anything Java :), Designing, Architecture, Neural Networks\AI
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