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About JavaBrahman

About The Blog

JavaBrahman started in 2013 as an attempt to explore & apply Java knowledge across a variety of platforms & paradigms. Over the years JavaBrahman has expanded(and continues to expand) beyond Java, into areas including but not limited to -
  • Basic computing principles
  • Algorithms (new & evolving ones)
  • Tips & tricks of day-to-day-programming
  • New features in existing languages & new languages
  • Understanding the latest frameworks(coming soon...)
  • Machine Learning & Generative AI(coming soon...)
  • 🚀☀️
I strongly believe that my 20+ years of experience in technology will enable me to fine-tune the articles on JavaBrahman to make them relevant, useful and informative.

About Me

Dhruv Rai PuriView Dhruv Rai Puri's profile on LinkedIn
  • Name: Dhruv Rai Puri
  • Email: dhruvraipuri@javabrahman.com
  • Professional Experience: Freelance Developer-Architect | Firebase, Angular, React, Firestore | 20+ yrs experience
  • Based out of: Bangalore, India
  • What I do: With 20+ years of software development experience as a developer and architect -
    • I build high-quality and customized solutions for cloud, web, and machine learning projects.
    • I have expertise in Google Cloud/Firebase/Angular/React/Node.js, as well as Machine Learning and Generative AI(incl. Open AI & Google's models), which I use to create innovative and scalable applications for various domains and industries.
  • Contact Me: You can email me at dhruvraipuri@javabrahman.com to discuss your requirements.