General Java Programs

The tutorials under General Java Programs are aimed at the first time learners/students who are learning programming basics using Java. Programs such as finding the factorial value, generating the fibonacii series, checking for a palindrome or an Armstrong number, and so on, are in fact commonly practiced programming problems by first-time students of any programming language. Java implementations of such common programming problems are covered under this category.

Java Program to check for Automorphic Number

Java program to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius with examples

Java program for matrix multiplication of dynamically sized matrices

Java program for matrix addition of dynamically sized matrices

Java program to check if a number is Harshad Number or Niven number

Java program to check for an Armstrong Number

Java program to check if number or string is a palindrome

Recursive Fibonacci in Java with Memoization

How to compute Factorial using a recursive algorithm in Java